Lab at Rockwell Group - 2017 - McLean, VA
Client: Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Role: design strategy, design development documents, 3d modeling, rendering

Hilton commissioned the LAB to design a space that would service both owners and the internal company staff. The innovation gallery serves a few purposes: to showcase the latest products in hospitality, to function as a versatile meeting space, to introduce staff and owners to the latest hotel rooms and amenity space, and to hold special events. 

With this in mind, we designed the space to feel open, but to have zones for specific functions. There is a VR area where participants can visit the newest hotel rooms in an immersive way. There is an F&B area where a guest chef and come and cook cuisine from one of the Hilton Hotels for guests. Lastly, there is a product showcase area that also functions as a small break-out space where people can learn about new innovations as well as hold small meetings. In the center sits a sunken large meeting space for larger presentations. 

Hilton Collage-01.jpg